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Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is a routine appointment, usually every three months, that includes reviewing any changes in your overall health, a thorough oral evaluation, and deep cleaning, both above and below the gums and provide home care instructions. These cleanings require more skill and expertise than a regular dental cleaning appointment and X-rays as needed.

Regular examinations are very important to keep track of the present status of your disease and any disease progression over time. We will work with you to create a maintenance schedule depending on how advanced your periodontal disease is at that time. Based on many variable factors such as your overall health, the severity of bone loss, and risk factors such as smoking, diabetes and genetics, we will constantly tailor your care, so your periodontal disease does not progress further. We may recommend exams every six months for mild periodontal disease, or every few months for more advanced stages.

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Procedures performed during your maintenance appointment:

  • Check pocket depth– A “pocket” is the space between your gums and teeth, and usually implies bone loss. This pocket is where bacterial plaque forms deep under the gums. In a healthy mouth, your gums should be tightly attached to your teeth and the “pocket measurement” should be very shallow (between 1 to 3 millimeters). But as the bacterial plaque continues to grow, your immune cells begin fighting back, destroying the attachment of the gums to the tooth root, and eventually destroying supporting bone in the process. As a result, the pocket measurements get bigger as the plaque grows deeper and deeper. During periodontal maintenance appointments you will be examined for the presence of any deep pockets or signs of inflammation, bleeding or infection.

  • Thorough cleaning– Part of the periodontal maintenance includes deep cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from above and below the gum line that can be reached.

  • Root scaling– Because gum disease causes the gums to pull away from the tooth, bacterial plaque can collect deep under the gums, along the root of the tooth, eventually hardening onto the roots like barnacles on a boat or limescale on a shower faucet. Root scaling is the process of removing this hardened plaque and “smoothing” out the root to eliminate any irregularities that may make plaque removal more difficult in the future.

  • X-rays– One final part of periodontal maintenance is examining the health of the bone supporting your teeth. X-rays are an essential part of for disease progression. They are recommended yearly to check for any bone loss, cavities, or other possible infections.

Cleanings & Prevention

I was terrified walking in for a gum graft. Dr. Bergen’s and his staff quickly made me feel safe. The procedure was done on time, professionally and with care. Dr. Bergen actually called me the night of the procedure to make sure I was ok.

Barbara W.

I had my first visit to Dr Bergen recently and was very impressed. He and his staff have created a friendly and professional environment that instills confidence in his practice. I foresee a lasting relationship with his office.

Robert D.

Everyone is total professionals,they make you feel at home ,very curious,makes the whole process easy.Everything is explained and you are aware of process and even after you leave office Dr. Bergens makes himself availiable thru phone.

Eusebio M.